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Current Volunteer Event Sign-ups

Carrie's Cleaners (Wednesdays after school)
Sign Up!

Additional volunteer opportunities may be available through our events calendar. Use Keyword search "teen volunteer".



Volunteer Information

Summer volunteer letters are ready for pick-up at the Information Desk.
Leadership letters will be printed separately after your project has completed.


Opportunities outside the library (age requirements may apply, please check with the individual organization):

Animal Welfare Association (AWA)
Battleship New Jersey

Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge
Color a Smile
Book Smiles - contact form for setting up your own book drive
Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter
Habitat for Humanity Youth Programs
Majoda Stables
Operation Yellow Ribbon - fill out contact form and the director responds quickly
Special Olympics of New Jersey
Volunteer Center of Burlington County
Volunteer Match
Wharton State Forrest

Adopt-a-shelf Volunteering

Are you interested in long-term volunteer hours? This is an opportunity for tweens and teens ages 10-17 (18 if you are still in senior year) to help the library maintain its collection. You will be responsible for:
-signing in and out for your shifts at the information desk
-managing a section of shelving, both fiction and non-fiction for 1 hour per week
-maintaining the cleanliness of your section (merchandising, dusting and removing debris)
-signing out and in a duster

To receive a designated section, you MUST:

-pass a test which covers both alphabetical order and Dewey Decimal (numerical) order
-attend an in-person orientation
-be able to come in once a week to complete the task

The test and orientation are NOT eligible for volunteer hours. Registration is required via the events calendar.

Tween/Teen Volunteer Newspaper

Guidelines and Basic Information

If you are looking to join the paper for the first time, please meet in Discord during one of or regularly scheduled meetings. Refer to the events calendar for the next meeting.

Leadership Projects
(Currently scheduling for 2nd and 3rd week of October)

If you are a teen looking to complete a Leadership Project here at the Library, please contact Ms. Molly ( with the following information:
Note: Parents, please be advised that part of the leadership role includes your tween/teen reaching out to me independently. Please refer them to my email, thank you for your assistance!

Your full first and last name
Your Leadership Project idea (Think of something that you would like to share with your community. It can be any passion you have that is appropriate for a group setting or a kit for customers to take home and do later.)
What age group are you looking to serve? (Please be specific; ages 3-5, teens only, seniors, etc.)
Will your project require a room at the Library that needs to be reserved for either prep work or event presentation?
If you need a room, let me know whether days or evenings are better and 2-3 date and time options that are at least 2 weeks out.
Is this a group Leadership project? (all members taking equal share in the creation, process and execution of the project)
If you are the only Leader of the project you are allowed to ask your own volunteers to help you. (you will be responsible for maintaining their hours)
A supplies list (if your project requires one)

All other details will be worked out individually.

Leadership projects are in high demand and I will do my best to accommodate as many as I can based on our current calendar of events, and available spaces in the library. I will return emails in the order they were received. Thank you so much for your patience!

Current Request:
Teenage Take Home Craft Kits (60+ kits)
Bring your Own Book Club - Host a general book club with questions that can be used for any book