RBdigital Magazines



Click on the link above to create a RBdigital account.
Once your account is created, and you've logged in, you will also need to create an account on the RBdigital site.
- Log in to the library collection page to select your magazines.
- Log in to the RBdigital page to see your personal selections.



Creating a Library RBdigital account:
You will select magazines on the library RBdigital page. To create your account:
1. Click on the purple "create account" button
2. Enter the requested information
3. Enter and confirm your password. Your name is optional.
4. You will receive a confirmation notice in your email inbox. Click on the link to confirm your subscription.


Logging into your account: You'll login to the library RBdigital page each time you want to select a new magazine
1. Enter your email and password
2. You will be directed to the magazines available for download.
3. Click on the cover to subscribe to the magazine and transfer the issue to your RBdigital account.


You'll need to create a RBdigital account to read and manage your magazine subscriptions.
1. Enter your name, email and password when registering. You should not need to enter credit card information unless you plan to purchase your own subscriptions outside the library collection.
2. Click on "My Library" to view the magazines you've subscribed to via the library RBdigital page.